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    Inspired Lending

    01. Intro

    Welcome to the brand guidelines of Inspired Lending. This site is the blueprint for our visual identity. These guidelines are designed to ensure consistency and coherence across all our communications, embodying the excellence and innovation at the heart of our operations.

    It is vital that every aspect of our brand reflects quality and professionalism. This site serves as a comprehensive guide, providing clear instructions on how to use our brand assets correctly. Adherence to these guidelines will help us maintain a strong, unified presence that is immediately recognisable and distinctly ours.

    02. Colours

    cmyb - C0 MC0 Y0 K1
    rgb - R252 G252 B252
    cmyb - C71 MC71 Y0 K82
    rgb - R13 G13 B45
    Sky Dark
    cmyb - C89 MC8 Y0 K16
    rgb - R24 G195 B213
    Sky Light
    cmyb - C69 MC9 Y0 K0
    rgb - R78 G231 B255
    Bridge Dark
    cmyb - C43 MC98 Y0 K22
    rgb - R113 G3 B199
    Bridge Light
    cmyb - C4 MC53 Y0 K9
    rgb - R223 G109 B233
    Refurb Dark
    cmyb - C0 MC43 Y93 K0
    rgb - R255 G146 B19
    Refurb Light
    cmyb - C0 MC27 Y96 K0
    rgb - R255 G186 B9